The resources page features information regarding the women and contingency database project, advocacy organizations for non-tenure-track faculty, and CWPA resources that range from hiring documents to the CSU academic labor syllabus.

Women and Contingency

The Women and Contingency Database, a joint initiative between the New Faculty Majority and the Center for the Study of Academic Labor, offers an inventory of publications and datasets regarding the gendered aspects of the contingent (non-tenure track) faculty of U.S. colleges and universities. The New Faculty Majority (NFM) is a national membership organization for contingent faculty and their allies. NFM offers support, resources, and policy support to non tenure-line faculty.

Advocacy Organizations

This page features organizations that support adjunct faculty and cover NTTF-related news.


Provides an array of resources on labor equity and equality for both those working with and in writing programs and those researching writing programs.