CSAL Webinars

CSAL periodically hosts webinars and records events. Please check out the following resources.

Contingent Faculty & the Fight to Remake Higher Education

A Two-Part Webinar

In spring 2024, activists and teacher-scholars participated in a two-part discussion of the 2024 book Contingent Faculty and the Remaking of Higher Education: A Labor History and its implications for transforming higher education. The discussions are available on YouTube. Each session included an opening panel followed by break-out room discussions, which enabled broad participation, and then report-backs to the group. These sessions were sponsored by Higher Education Labor United (HELU), the Center for the Study of Academic Labor (CSAL), and the Contingent & Community College Faculty and Independent Scholars Committee of the Labor and Working-Class History Association (LAWCHA).

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Part One: Thursday, February 15, 2024

Presentations by three contributors to the book (Gary Rhoades, Aimee Loiselle, and Anne McLeer), along with discussion about the causes, consequences, and strategies for challenging labor contingency in higher ed.

Part Two: Thursday, March 14, 2024

Responses to the book including in-depth participant and audience discussion about current campaigns and next steps in the fight for fair working conditions and reclaiming higher education’s public purpose. View the discussion guide.

Podcast: The Academic Life New Books Network Features the Book

Hosted by Christina Gessler, who is the creator and show host of the Academic Life podcast, the guests in this podcast discusses the book Contingent Faculty and the Remaking of Higher Education: A Labor History (University of Illinois Press, 2024), which is co-edited by Eric Fure-Slocum and Claire Goldstene. The guests are Claire Goldstene, who taught as contingent faculty at the University of Maryland, the University of North Florida, and American University and is coeditor of as the book, and Maria Maisto, who taught as a contingent faculty member for over fifteen years in Maryland and Ohio, cofounded in 2009 the New Faculty Majority: The National Coalition for Adjunct and Contingent Equity, and is a featured essayist in the book.

A Conversation with Adrianna Kezar and Maria Maisto

View a discussion about contingent faculty status and working conditions among Adriana Kezar, Maria Maisto, Sue Doe, and members of the CSU community. This webinar, held April 6, 2020, includes discussion of the book, The Gig Academy: Mapping Labor in the Neoliberal University, which Kezar wrote with Daniel T. Scott and Tom DePaola. /p>