Academic Labor News

Activism--"Coming Out" As An Adjunct

"I’m purposefully and respectfully borrowing the language of the outspoken LGBTQ community to urge my fellow adjuncts to end their silence and 'come out' to their students, friends, relatives, to everyone, as adjunct faculty members and tell them exactly what that means."

CSU Gender Gap: 60% of Lowest Paid Faculty are Women

"Colorado State University, like many institutions in the country, is in a struggle to counteract decades of workplace gender inequity. The most recent  blows take the form of a study confirming that female full professors — the highest of three tiers of faculty — were being paid less than their male peers and a 'troubling' report on female faculty members' workplace experiences."

Adjunct Agony: Uncertainty for part-time professors at DePaul

Wanda Evans-Brewer, an adjunct professor at DeVry University and Concordia University, is a Ph.D. on welfare. As some adjuncts in Chicago and across the country push to earn $15,000 per course, she and DePaul University adjunct Marty Bernstein discuss the difficulties of being a 'second-tier' instructor.

Higher Education by Lower Salaries for Adjunct Professors

Professors struggle to find secure employment after years of rigorous and expensive education.

Treadmill to Oblivion

An anonymous instructor describes 25 years working as an adjunct.

Leading Thoughts: It's Time to Focus on People

"Focusing more intently on faculty — whether that’s professional development, bias training or simply consulting them on major decisions —is going to be critical to the success of any leader in higher ed."

Discourse of 'Don't'

Adjunct writing instructors argue that current activism focuses too much on what adjuncts lack, rather than what they bring to the composition classroom.