Developing Rewarding Structures and Benefits

Recommendations for a Sustainable Governance Approach

By Sue Doe, Associate Professor of English | Colorado State University
Spring 2015

The local approach at CSU to integration of the non tenure-track faculty has focused on a governance approach. In the following slides, Sue Doe lays out the history of that effort on the CSU campus from 2004 to 2015, suggestions a rationale for a governance approach, allows for other approaches that can work outside a governance approach or alongside it, and self-help questions for campuses considering their options. To view the entire PPT Presentation please click here

State of the Non Tenure-Track Faculty at Colorado State University

By Jennifer Aberle, Chair, Colorado State University’s  Committee on Non Tenure Track Faculty
Faculty Council Meeting, Spring 2015

Faculty have been teaching, researching, engaging in service and outreach off of the tenure track for more than 50 years at Colorado State University (CSU). It is in the past decade that we have seen the number of these faculty grow to now make up more than 40% of the total faculty at CSU. There are a number of reasons for this growth, including funding allocations as well as supply and demand of higher education jobs. The information presented in these slides serve to set in context the changing of faculty at CSU and highlight challenges to these changes. Also presented here are some of the efforts being done to meet the challenges and set up partnerships for a new model of hiring, supporting, and thinking about faculty off of the tenure track. While none of the suggestions offered here are viable long-term solutions to the larger issues that face the endurance of tenure, the protection of academic freedom for all faculty, and unpredictable allocations of funding in higher ed, at CSU there are thoughtful intentions and efforts in play to ensure a professional and sustainable career trajectory for all faculty. To view the entire PPT presentation please click here